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Carbon Steel

PrimeBlade™ 600 series is the high quality type carbon steel, compared to other carbon steel blades, and a further development of the 300 serie. The doctor blade steel has a highly refined microstructure compared to other carbon doctor blades, and a modified steel grade and heat treatment. The PrimeBlade™ 600 doctor blade has twice as many carbides/µm² compared to the already improved PrimeBlade™ 300. So it wears down into much finer particles and cause less print issues when used.

PrimeBlade™ Type 600 advantages

  • Increased print quality and lifetime
  • Highly improved microstructure releases smaller particles into inking system
  • Causes less risk of metal hair formation and burr
  • Hardness is in same range as PrimeBlade™ Type 300 to reduce anilox and gravure cylinder wear
  • Better wear resistance


Thickness: 0,076 mm - 0,20 mm (0,003" - 0,0079")

Straightness: 1,4 mm/3000 mm (0,055"/118")

PrimeBlade™ type 600

  • 0,15mm thickness steel:
  • Tensile strength: 2030 N/mm²
  • Elongation: 5%
  • Hardness: 595 HV



C                       Si               Cr                Mn
1.00%         0.25%         1.40%      



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